The professionalism of our staff (with decades of experience in molding and blow molding of preforms) and the latest equipment provided by industry leaders, enable us to make preforms that best suit for each type of bottle, from 1/2 litre "entry level", packed extremely light, up to the most complex preform for the various lines of the HO.RE.CA. channel.

Thanks to the close collaboration with manufacturers of equipment and colours, we can develop, within a few days, a new project or a new colour and provide a quantity of preforms, which allows the customer to make a significant test before taking any final decision.

The use of first-choice virgin raw materials combined with our laboratory tests and with the experience of our staff represent a guarantee of quality of our supplies. The label affixed to each octabin contains all the information relating to the materials used, the time of production and the subject in charge of the quality control, thus ensuring perfect traceability of the contents.

Our storage systems have been developed to minimize the harmful octabins overlap ensuring an ideal space management and a perfect preservation. Our preforms are contained in polythene bags suitable for contact with food and packaged in cardboard octabins that guarantee an high degree of cleanliness and hygiene till the blowing line.

The handling of packages is managed by a system of LGV that allows a connection between different machines inside the automated octabins preforming station to the stocking of the packages. Technology, reliability and efficiency.

Thanks to the cooperation with carriers and shippers located throughout the country, we can ensure a safe delivery of our goods all over Italy in less than 24 h


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