Nuovaplast s.r.l.
Factory: Strada Prov. Per S. Egidio - 64010 VILLA LEMPA (TE) - Italy
Head office: Corso Venezia 36 - 20121 MILANO (MI) - Italy

Phone: +39 0861 917655 -  Fax: +39 0861 359971 - Email: contact us

The company is specialized in the process of molding of preforms in PET (polyethylene terephthalate), it was founded in 1997

Located in the province of Teramo on an area of 35,000 square meters of which 13,000 are built, Nuovaplast has continuously developed over the past years in full accordance with the value of the continuous improvement both in technical aspects and in terms of quality whilst ensuring high standards of its products.

In the production plant are installed 9 injection molding machines of last generation with a declared production capacity of over 2.0 billion preforms per year.

Stamping plants are directly powered by a set of 24 silos with a total capacity of 3000 tons of raw material.

The preparation of octabins bound in cardboard, the handling and the storage are guaranteed by a highly automated system that provides flexibility, efficiency and optimization of space, fulfilling the environmental and hygienic standard conditions of the production line.

The system consists in an automated robot for preforming the octabins and in laser-guided (LGV) shuttles in attendance of the machines.

The company has a laboratory for physical and chemical analysis both on raw materials and finished products and highly specialized personnel in charge of inspection, for any kind of problem or need on/off line.

Nuovaplast can count on a workforce of about fifty people with skills, know-how and experience in the molding industry,it also has on-line and off-line vision control systems for detecting quality and process issues and allowing immediate technical intervention to correct them.

Professionalism, flexibility, efficiency, initiative and the constant resource management are the core values and the objectives of the company to ensure added value that enables its customers to be more competitive in a market that demands technical requirements and high quality.


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